Guest Coach Aerica: You Are What You Eat

Guest Coach Aerica: You Are What You Eat

Getting bored with your usual healthy recipes, or looking for a way to improve the nutritional value of your favorite go-to recipes? Perhaps you can “skinny” things up!

I’ve had a DirectLife member who has been keeping me updated on what she’s been eating lately, and how she is taking an average recipe and really making it her own. Or as she likes to call it, “skinnying” it up. She’ll boost up the nutritional values and satisfaction of her meals by adding her favorite veggies, and lots of them! She also uses her time wisely, to prepare for the busy week, by prepping her healthier meals on the weekends when she has more time. This allows her to quickly grab a meal out of the fridge or warm up her dinner when she has less time on the weekdays, and still feel satisfied and good about what she’s consuming.

She’s having great success, losing weight, and feeling great! So, how exactly, can we “skinny” up those good ol’ recipes and boost their nutritional value? Follow in her footsteps and mix in your favorite fruits or veggies! Leave out that one ingredient that you know isn’t the best, or use half the amount. Try olive oil rather than butter, hummus rather than mayo, apples, carrots, or another healthier alternative for a crunchy snack rather than chips. Have a salad, healthy soup or appetizer a half hour or so before your meal so that you don’t go overboard on the meat and potatoes; opt for the low calorie section of the menu, or ask if smaller portions are available. Gotta have that desert? Maybe pineapple or yogurt can calm your sweet tooth.

If you’d like more help, ask your DirectLife coach what nutritional information is available for more guidance and don’t forget about the Energy Balance section under the My Weight tab!

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