Activity and Stress

Activity and Stress

Being active is a good way to combat stress.  Mayo Clinic shares that any kind of exercise can offer benefits when it comes to improving stress levels.  It is best that you find an activity that you enjoy and that fits well into your schedule. You don’t have to be active for a long period of time to see the results, simply setting aside time to focus on activity can have an impact!

Here are some ways that activity helps with stress:

- Pumps up your endorphins – these are your brain’s “feel good”  parts

- Excellent source of motivation – taking your workout and focusing on activity allows your brain to drop the other stresses of the day. Taking a break from thinking about stressors will help to leave you feeling energized and optimistic

- Improvements in mood – being active regularly has shown to boost self-confidence. It has also shown to improve sleep and decrease symptoms related to anxiety.  If you put all of these things together – you will likely experience a mood lift!

Are you looking for a way to combat stress in your life?  Consider activity!  Take some time to plan out a routine and get those endorphins pumping!

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